Why board your pets when you can bring them with you on vacation?

Why board your pets when you can bring them with you on vacation?

Most people the world over consider pets to be nothing more than mere domesticated ‘animals’. However if you happen to be someone who owns a fur baby, then you would bear testimony to the fact that pets are not mere animals. They are certainly so much more than that.
So, if you are someone who dies a little bit when you have to leave your fur baby at home when you go on vacation, then maybe it’s time that you took your little one along with you! Does this sound like a complete impossibility to you? That’s maybe owing to the fact that you have been ‘vacationing’ the wrong way your whole life!
Though most high end hotels the world over are not pet friendly, even those which are pet ‘friendly’ make it a point to give both you and your little one a dingy room in an unobtrusive part of the hotel! So, if you are fed up of this injustice, then maybe it’s time that you take a vacation to the treehouse avail of a beautiful vacation rental home when here!
The best part of opting for a vacation rental home is that you will enjoy plenty of privacy and along with this you will even be able to have your fur baby by your side at all times. While here you can rest assured that you will be given the best treatment, all at very affordable prices!
People who have visited these vacation rental homes simply cannot stop boasting about how
So, if you haven’t been on a vacation for the longest time, now you can do so, without feeling even a little guilty! No longer will you be forced against your will to be separated from your little one!

Planning your spring trip to the treehouse and Asheville, NC

Contrary to popular belief, there is never really a right time or the perfect season to go on vacation! If you want to go on vacation, then rather than waiting for the optimum time, you need to ‘make the time’. If you visit, Asheville, NC, during the spring time, then you can look forward to a phenomenal time!
When here during the spring months, then you can, not merely look forward to the Mother’s Day weekend, but you can also look forward to Memorial Day weekend as well!
So, if you have decided that you will be visiting Asheville during the spring months, then here are some activities you can look forward to-
A visit to Biltmore House
When you visit Biltmore House, you will really be in for a treat! This is owing to the fact that once here you will get the opportunity to see at first hand the wonderful costume exhibition! Additionally, the exteriors of the Biltmore House is divine as well, where you can spend hours on end gazing at the flowers!
Easter Service on Chimney Rock
Can you think of a better way to spend Easter morning than enjoying the sunset and service atop Chimney Rock! Rest assured that this will be one of the most exhilarating moments of your life even if you do not follow Christianity!
Enjoy the vibe at the weekly drum circle
If you are in the mood to explore the world outside your tree house or vacation rental home, then you should make it a point to visit the ‘Drum Circle’ ( at Pritchard Park) which is held every Friday!
Apart from the list which has been mentioned above you can also-
Go for the Bostic Lincoln Spring Festival or even the Block House Steeplechase
Does all this sound fun to you? Then what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Asheville NC, today!

The treehouse is CNN newsworthy!

Only the best of the best glamping accommodations were featured on today’s CNN news special. Make your reservations today to see what the nation is talking about. 

Delightful winter activities to do near the treehouse and Asheville, NC

Come the winter months of January, February and March and everyone if in a celebratory mood! So, if you are someone who wishes to while away your winter making some beautiful memories, then maybe it’s time that you book a treehouse and come down to Ashville NC! While here you will truly be spoilt for choice with fun activates you can indulge in!
Some of the most delightful, enthralling and sought after winter activities you can take part in are as follows-
Spa Pampering
For most people, the word vacation is synonymous with relaxation, so if you are in the mood to just be pampered then you ought to treat yourself to a delightful ‘Spa Day’. When here you are sure to have a great time, after all Asheville is the ultimate destination for spas and wellness.
Ski and Snowboarding
However if you are one of those people who finds it hard to stay indoors when on vacation, then you need to check out the great ski packages which are available.
Fun for foodies
Irrespective of whether you are a fining dining or farmers’ market kind of person, you can rest assured that you will have plenty of ‘foodie’ things to do during your vacation!
These are simply some of the few activities you can indulge in when you are in Asheville, NC during the winter months. Apart from the activities which have been enlisted above you can also spend your days –
1. Participating in the Beer Crawl
2. Visiting the antique stores at downtown Burnsville, NC and Asheville, NC
3. Visit some of the dance venues which are famous in Ashville
4. Opt to take a fun pottery class
5. Visit some local clubs which offer live music
As is evident from the extensive list above you will not have even one dull moment when you are at your treehouse in Green Mountain NC.

Winters At The Treehouse Are Magical

Leafless trees often make for clearer views of the waterfalls near Asheville.  They can be even more spectacular to see during these winter months.  Experience magical icy scenes during winter cold snaps in our North Carolina mountains. Not only are the ice formations incredible, but the absence of crowds make for a very personal experience. Winter hikes can provide many wonderful surprises like better views. With few fellow hikers, no bugs, brilliant skies with clear distant views on many days and cool temperatures.  Zip lining and horse back riding are so invigorating as the cool, pure air fills your lungs.

Enjoy this beautiful video created by our recent treehouse guests. They give you a beautiful and scenic tour of the area around the treehouse and Asheville. Pay special attention to the second half of the video to see how magical the treehouse is in the winter.

A Vacation At the Treehouse, do everything or nothing at all.

The best way to relax after a hectic week is to curl-up in nature’s lap and let Mother Nature do the rest for you. Our treehouse, which is located 35 feet above the mountain stream and is close to Asheville, North Carolina. Located amid six acres of dense greenery, it is an ideal retreat from the everyday hustle. You also need not worry about privacy because this six acre land is a private property and none would disturb you here.

You could also tag along some of your friends and take a 45 minute drive from Asheville to get there. Our spacious treehouse accommodates about six people comfortably. So whether it’s a week long holiday with friends or a family outing, you’d love spending time here.

Things To Do While You Are At Our Treehouse
1. It’s the most ideal place for bird watching; you could catch a glimpse of some most exotic birds.
2. Revel in the rich wildlife of that region.
3. The Appalachian Trail and the Roan Mountain State Park is within a 20 mile radius. Go trekking or hiking after a short drive to get there.
4. Take a dip in the Toe river in the summer or the hot tub any time of year, which is at a hop skip and jump distance from our treehouse.
5. Go fishing and bring back home some trout to grill.

Our treehouse is designed by two builders who put in all that they could to make this place an awesome holiday destination. Right from the floating log staircase to a well equipped kitchen, this place is an ideal holiday home.

Imagine going hiking and lazing about all evening on the soft beds of this treehouse. The best part is that you could call your host anytime for whatever you may need. Also the 6 acre property is well connected by the highway; however you would need a car to get there.


Winter 2018 discount

In the middle of the winter, take a break at the treehouse – your number one choice for a Winter Getaway in Janurary & Feburary 2018.  Our winter specials offer a generous 15% discount to everyone. Enter the code winter15 when booking.

Top 7 Fall Getaways on the East Coast in 2017

We’ve been featured in Glamping Hub’s latest article “Top 7 Fall Getaways on the East Coast in 2017”.

Imagine wooden furnishing, tree-themed decor, and quaint accents in each room. This elevated cabin is completely immersed in the forest, making you double take the log beams. No, you’re not in a tree—you’re just one with nature. Just a bit south, you’ll reach the fall destination of Asheville. Known for its vibrant arts scene and historic architecture, autumn adds more of a reason for visitors to fall for the city. With its locally-sourced restaurants and over 15 farmers’ markets, you will be tasting the fall harvest at every stop.

Situated near several national forests, Asheville is an easy drive to both the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whether you want to hike one mile or 10, there is a peak for you with lovely views of the foliage. The sounds of the wind sweeping past your ears won’t be the only thing you’ll hear. Prepare for the many music festivals lining the streets and, hey, next thing you know, you may be bopping down the sidewalk.

We made the list! 8 amazing treehouses you can book right now!

We have made the list! Sugar Creek Treehouse was recently featured by CharlotteAgenda.com as an amazing treehouse you must book.
Here is an excerpt of the article. “This incredible 600 square feet treehouse sits on 6 acres of wooded mountainside above a mountain stream. Near Mitchell State Park, the Green Mountain treehouse is only 45 minutes from Asheville and is right across the street from North Toe River. It boasts a large wraparound deck and a Romeo and Juliet balcony off the upper lever master bedroom. The shabby chic décor is inviting and the full kitchen is a huge bonus. There is a queen bed in the large master upstairs, and a queen bed and a sofa bed in the common areas. There is a large fire pit, a hot tub, and plenty of waterfalls nearby for your viewing pleasure. You won’t soon forget your stay in this tucked away treehouse wonderland.”

What sets our treehouse apart from the rest? We have a FULL kitchen and bathroom. Some may have one or the other (or neither). Our treehouse is also fully insulated and features a wood stove and other heating options throughout the winter. What’s the cherry on top? Not one of the other treehouses offer a hot tub! It’s not a competition but I know my preference.

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